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Positive Team Working

Flexible learning that results in a positive mindset and growth in the workplace. A foundation-level course consisting of four key modules that will help the learner to build confidence in their abilities and role within a team and the wider business environment.

This course is suitable for:

This course is ideal for a new team member, apprentice, inexperienced or developing team member, or as a refresher for more experienced team members. This can be within any organisation or sector. Whatever your level of work experience, this course will help you to improve and reflect on how you operate within a team environment.

This course is designed to enable you to:

Understand how to work more effectively in a team and the value and benefits of this

Understand how to lead ourselves and what factors may influence this

Understand communication methods and the power of listening & body language

Understand why conflict exists and how to manage relationships to create a positive working environment

Gain confidence

in skills, abilities and roles

Inspire personal growth

that drives business productivity and happy teams

Make positive change

that inspires everyone to be the best

Positive Team Working

4 modules • approx. 2 hours

1. Positive Team Player
2. Leading Yourself
3. Positive Communication
4. Managing Relationships